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Eighty-four years since its establishment, the company  G. & A. KOUTROUMPIS & Co. LP, is home its activities  on a large scale private area in  Aspropyrgos, Athens , with modern machinery and production process, large-scale modern warehouses and private fleet of trucks to distribute its products.

The company G. & A. KOUTROUMPIS & Partners is one of the most successful and financially healthy industrial sector in the Greek market with huge potential daily production. The company’s sales exceed Million Euros / year and has a strong  export activity in Egypt, Cyprus, Romania, and more generally in the EMEA (Europe – Middle East – Africa) increased strongly each year.

The company applies modern management methods and has a well organized department of Marketing and Sales c, and Corporate and product identity is widespread and recognizable both in the technical world of the country and the majority of residential consumers.

The company G. & A. KOUTROUMPIS & Co. LP is certified ISO 9001:2000. All its products are marketed to European standards and CE marked where applicable.